Send us hard copies of your Purchase Orders or Request for Quotations (RFQ) via email at sales@ebninc.com or fax at 812.479.0100. Our online catalogs identify products most often required by our customers. EBN stocks most items listed; however, some non-stock items are listed to represent the full line of manufacturer’s products.

Please ask EBN about all of your fastener and industrial needs, even if they aren’t listed in our catalogs or online. We also encourage customers to send specifications of fasteners to us via email or fax for non-standard items. All stock items will be shipped no later than next day if requested, while non-stock or special items will depend on availability.

Payment terms on all invoices are Net 30. Local, County and State taxes will be imposed on all items unless a tax exemption certificate is filed with EBN.

Alternatively, our will-call counters are available both for orders placed at the counter, and for orders placed over the telephone. Orders can be picked up at any of our will-call counters. We make every effort to ensure that your order is ready when you come to pick it up. We encourage you to place your orders in advance whenever possible.

Visit our Special Orders Page for more information about non-standard orders.

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