Paperless Invoicing

The business world moves fast. EBN knows you demand prompt, low-cost efficiency from your suppliers. You can't afford to sort through paper, wait a week for bills to arrive, or maintain shredding, faxing, and scanning equipment.

EBN is proud to say that our standard billing method is paperless. We send PDF invoices directly to your email address. Although traditional mail or fax methods are available at no additional cost, we encourage customers to opt for paperless invoicing. Here's why:



  • Eliminates float time and lost mail
  • Eliminates filing, scanning, and disposal time
  • Eliminates communication due to in-transit invoices
  • Eliminates dependency on single copy of invoice


  • Lowers paper-shredding, fax, scanning, and OCR equipment costs
  • Lowers paper and recycling costs
  • Lowers Accounts Payable department processing costs


  • Improves environmental, "Green" company standing
  • Improves security by removing billing data from the mail or trash
  • Improves ability to find invoice information
  • Improves file cabinet and space usage


If you are an existing EBN customer and currently receive your invoices by mail or fax, contact us using the form below to request to be moved to paperless invoicing today! Please note that an EBN representative will call you to verify your request and billing email address.


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